Oooooo…after waiting for a long long time. Finally i have this.


For anyone who has played previous release of this game (Persona 3 & FES), you MUST! ABSOLUTELY MUST! Play Persona 4.  I mean, this is really an enchanted version of P3. The graphic, gameplay, story, setting, and many more become better than P3, although i still attached to P3 characters and music ^^;

The Slight-Story

This is about the main character (you named it) who is transferred to a high school at some rural town named Inaba because of his parents job. He will leave at his uncle house for now on. Soon after many prologue, the people of  Inaba shocked with strange murder  incident. The victim’s dead body just hanged at local’s TV antenna! And so the case’s OPEN!

Hehe,  too little info, huh? Sorry, i’m not play it yet ^^;

But, judging from, the genre of the story DETECTIVE! Yeah, because the local police didn’t have any clue of what is happened, we must do the jobs, with our Personae of course ^^. I’d say it’s great game and like i said before, you game-lovers must have it!

Just grabbed it today and will play it for a long long time, hope if possible, i will made a general-walkthrough for this, hehe hopefully….