Just some thought from my mind…First post at 2009!

Maybe it was too late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! I will share some of my experience at 2008 here. So it begins….

Man, thinking back, made me feel sad again. Yes, ‘08 just my other sad year after ‘07. Why? Because at that last two years, I FAILED the National University Entrance Exam. Just like the name, it is an exams you need to past if you want to going to national college after you graduating from high school. If you fail, you have only two choices. One is to look non-National University or just study again and wait for next opportunity next year. I choose to wait, after failed for first time at ‘07, because I want to pursue my dream to becoming a doctor ^^. So, I just study and study again in some cram school (?), I don’t know what the name in your country, it just a informal school to helps you study more. And then the the second chance came at July ’08. Shorts words……I failing it again @_@. And now, I just go to “cram school” again to study more with More than MAX-effort. Next July ’09 will be my last chance to past it, because you only have three chance to enters it. It means if you graduate at 2008, you can participate at 2008,2009, & 2010. Everyone, wish me for the best, okay ? ^^;

Okay, that’s enough for the sad part, now for the FUN parts….

My addiction to gunplas just raging again at early-2008 after I vacuum from that hobby due to short-money @_@. But now, I have friends who has same hobby as me. And I managed to save money more often than when I was still at high school. The results is I bought a MG this year ^^. And I found this blogging-thing too. It happened when I was searching for reference for what gunpla is best for me to buy. Aaaand, I found you all, Z, Marvin, and the others ^^. And start to think, “Hey, it’s not bad for a hobby”, to share your minds with others, I started to love it! The result is this blog ^^. As for other, here it is :

  • Game : I completed some neat games this year like Persona 3, Final Fantasy XII, Tales of The Abyss, Star Ocean 3, Super Robot Taisen Z, and last Mobile Suit Gundam 00 : Gundam Meisters. Persona 4 is still in progress now.

  • Anime and stuff : I manage to finished watching MS Gundam 00 1st season, Code geass R1 and R2, and Macross Frontier. And finished Kamen Rider Den-O too ^^.

  • Life : I have this one loyal friend that have been accompanying me in house for this year. His name is BUBU, I will introduce it later ^^

  • Well, if you’ve asking when I am studying??? I study from morning to afternoon then in the evening too. I managed to play games, watch anime, mostly when Saturday and Sunday. I’m like to balanced thing. My brain will explode if I study without some refreshing, right ? hehe

Now’s the time for WISHES!

  • First, off course, I wish for best health to we all

  • Wish for the best, regarding the University entrance tests. I hope I past it this year

  • Wish to get MG Strike Noir Gundam early this year ^^

  • Wish to the blog to be grow this year and onward

  • For my Brother and Sister who caught in –I’m sorry– stupid nation conflict, please God, protect them all

  • And rest of my wishes to God.

Time to next review too, this is it……


1/144 scale HG (Fighting Action) Gundam Deathsythe Hell Custom from OVA Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Hope you like it, still mess up everywhere ^^. And i updated my first review a bit, added more new- photos ^^ here , hope you’ll like it too.

New year here is pretty hot, is there still snowy? Here’s still rainy-season, but there’s no rain yet since last two weeks @_@. The sky is clear-blue too, few clouds, quite beautiful, I think hehe ^^. How bout you? I’ve taken some picture from my neighborhood too, just for fun, i’ll post it later. Oh yeah if you’re wondering where it is, the clue is : this is some place at Islands Nation, hehe


in the mornin’ ….


at 12 PM….nothing change still hot ^^;


and in afternoon,, same…

Last, thank you to you all, who has visited my blog recently. And once more, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!