ペルソナ4-Persona 4slight (^_^’)review

Ahh..sorry for late update lately ^^; After play it for a while, here’s some (many, actually) thought i have…


  • For Story : P4 is all about TELEVISON! And about murder mystery or detective-like theme. Sometimes, you’ll need to gather information from townsfolk to advance the story and so on. And you don’t have to do it in one day. As for defeating the boss too, you can do it anytime to the deadline when the thick-mist come. On the other hand, P3 has linear story (in terms of the events-story) i think, you just need to train/leveling yourself in order to defeat all story-boss (off course!!) at the specifics time (the date is fixed).

  • For setting (places and time) : P4 is more more “Japanese” than P3. It’s seen from the character’s personas. In P4 We have bunch of Japan-based myth personas like Izanagi, Jiraiya, Tomoe, Konohana Sakuya, Take-Mikazuchi, Himiko, Kintouki-douji, one more that I haven’t find yet and their own evolution Personas instead of World-based myth Personas in p3. Ex : Orpheus,Io,Hermes,Cerberus,Athena,etc. The place too, more like rural and traditional Japan town, unlike in p3, we see “big metro-city”. It seems the timeline of p4 is after p3 story. I can say that based on Igor and Margaret statement when we play New Game (not too sure though). And the dates, it’s take approximately 12 months after the event of p3 (2011 is start date of p4, 2010 is the end of p3 story).

  • For general-system : Like in Persona 3 game, after you select New Game, you can choose the difficulty level : BEGINER, NORMAL, and EXPERT. The system is still involves Persona that according to 22 main Arcana in Tarot cards. The battle too is not too different except we CAN control teammates now! On the other hand, there ARE some differences at some gameplay . The most significance is now we have Weather Forecast system instead of the trademark Full Moon system. We can see rain,cloudy,or bright weather through the game (i dunno if there are snowy weather^^;). Next is, instead of climbing hundred floors at Tartarus, we are given many different sets of dungeon here .And in p4, we can heal too at the enterance of dungeon like in p3, but NOT-for-free after you’ve established Hermit Social Link. Oh yeah, condition system is removed too, so you can explore the dungeon as long as you can. Next, there are only persona cards or blank and penalty cards that you can see at the end of battle (though later you can see arcana cards too which has vary effect). Now we can FISHING, COOKING, and WORKING! (sounds like Harvest Moon eh?). The calendar at System Menu is removed, so we can’t see the entire year. Instead, we can see one week dates at the Weather Forecast TV Program. Next, instead to just have 3 status (knowledge,charm,courage), we have 5 now (knowledge,expression,courage,understanding,and diligence). And you can improve it via many ways,

    • Knowledge : Study at your room when at home, read books, study at library, answering teacher questions, and eating at restaurant. For some cases, via the people requests. Needs to be at certain level to establish Empress social link, and to doing some expert part-time jobs.

    • Expression : Answering teacher questions, read books, eating at restaurant, attending the cultural clubs (every times you attend, it will improve), Do the “Translator” job. Needs to be at certain level to establish Hierophant social link and to continue Hierophant and Justice social link event.

    • Courage : Read books, eating at restaurant, eating weird food in your refrigerator at home. Needs to be at certain level to answering some question (usually the choice is the harsh or vulgar one) and to establish some Social Links (I don’t know it yet, maybe Lover?).

    • Understanding : This one is a bit trickier, cause you can improve it via story-event question (in P3, your story-event answer doesn’t affect anything, just for lolz ^^), read books, eating at restaurant, answering teacher questions. Needs to be at certain level to establish some social links (I don’t know it too, but most likely, Temperance), and to doing some expert part-time jobs.

    • Diligence : Read books, attends Sports club activity (just like the cultural clubs), eating at restaurant, do the “Envelopes” job. Needs to be at certain level to doing some expert part-time jobs.

  • For Social Links-system : Here we have minor differences. There are : All (?) Your teammate has separate S.Links depending at their arcana now. Usually, when your friends asked to hang out at Sundays or holidays, we end up hung up with both he/she who asked you and other friends who just happened to passing by (what?). And it’s possible to have the S.Links leveled up at this time (in P3 you just have experience, never level up). Also, there are answers when you spent time with S.Links friends that requires certain status, ex : you need at least lv.2 courage to straight-ask girls (teammate) cell-number, otherwise you will forced to choose “It’s for investigation thing”. Also you can gain some status via story-question, answer right choice and one of your status will rise. And last–maybe ^^–it’s very important or should i say..very helpful to full your teammate S.links. It affects the battle, ex : when your teammate S.L at lv 1, they can take mortal blow for you. At lv 3, they can do follow-up attacks (attack other enemy that not knocked down yet out of the battle, it’s really sweet ^^)when you knocked down enemy. And the most sweeeet ^^, at lv MAX, their persona will evolve! yay~~

  • For others :

    • Music : I think p4 & p3 have same style of music and maybe the composer too. Techno maybe? And of course some J-Pop and J-Rock style. But, for now i still get attached at p3 music, very nostalgic^^. But it’s only matter of time, though. The only music that same with p3 is music at Velvet Room (The Poem for Everyone Souls).

    • Characters : I dunno about this, it depended of your taste^^. But for me, i’d rather we have a “class-clown” at team like Junpei drom p3^^ As for girls, I think they’re cute^^. For the protagonist, i like ATLUS “heightened” him a bit ^^. Aaaand i very like the glasses the character wear! Hehe. Igor is making his appearance here too with his assistance (but not Elizabeth from p3, still don’t know the reason).

    • Personas : I think almost all Personas from P3 & FES are making their appearance here too plus new ones and as far that I seen, most of them are related to Japanese myth. The main char-personas from p3 are not making appearance here(still not sure, cause I haven’t gone that far). Would be nice if Thanatos, Helel, or Messiah are making their appearance here ^^. The big thing that I notice recently is I haven’t see the Fusion Spell system yet, I don’t know if it really removed or will come later (same reason above ^^). As for the Persona Fusion and Compendium System is exactly same with the previous game.

    • Voice-acting : I think ATLUS did wonderful job like in p3. But, there are something that annoys me. Well at p3, only story-related events and some greetings when we back at dorm are voice-acted. The rest is text-only. In p4 there are several event that is “half-assed” voice-acted (sorry if the phrase-structure wrong, ^^hehe). Ex : The text is, “Hei!”, but the voice says “Yo!”. And text is “Welcome back”, voice says “Welcome home” . It’s just annoys me, how ’bout you? I’d rather it (non-story related-events) not voiced like in p3.

    • Others : The Weather System indeed made the game more realistic, in p3 it never rain ^^;. Oh yeah, for the Quest, the petitioner is the townsfolk itself instead of just Elizabeth in p3.


Hmm……….how should I put this? It depend on which game are you comparing it with. If you comparing it with Persona 3, then I should say it is equal. Really, they have some good and bad point. Examples, in P3 not all teammate has Social Links like in P4. But, we only have fewer shops including the restaurant in P4 than in P3. And your taste and preference are factors too. For me, I like the P4 camera-angle than in P3. It’s more close-up and has better detail too. But, I didn’t like the main character becoming a “Senpai” in P4. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, hehe^^. That’s why I call it equal. But I still labeled it a GREAT GAME! And if you comparing it with another RPG. I’d say it’s da CHAMPION!! Hehe, I mean it. I’m jut bored with the classics-style RPG. Just battling and leveling, not to mention the story though. For many years, I like alternative RPG, like Harvest Moon. And I dreamed if in Harvest Moon we can battle too. And then my friend suggesting Persona (Persona 3 back then). Whoa, it’s just like dream come true! I thought. And, I am satisfied with this game. Lastly, it’s up to you I guess. But I’d suggest try it! Well then, I will update this review prior my end game soon.