I’m sorry for the long long update, too busy to go to Net-cafe. Still working at it. I’ve been fixing my English recently, but don’t know if it’s all right or not ^^;

And, I have some question too. First is, do you think all English-stuff like grammar, tenses, etc. are important in blogging or just in everyday life? For me, I want to perfected it because, I’m afraid you all –who is reading my blog- cannot understand what I mean. Here, I don’t speak English. I’m just speaking English for school’s sake, there is English lesson at schools and of course I need to get best score of it. Second, I want to know why are you start blogging? Mine, I want to know other people from entire world ^^, wanting to make friends and stuff, childish isn’t it? And also want to share my hobbies especially Gunpla. There is no people in my neighborhood who had same hobby as mine. Except for some friends some school. Hehe, everything just come to my mind, so what about you?