Ya—Ha!! This is my first time posting a WIP, I want to show how this model really like out-of-box. Maybe there are ton of reviews of this model like this, but i will try it anyway. Hope this post helps you to decide whether this model is worthy or not. Okay this is picture of the box




I was shocked when saw this big box ^^; It has almost same width and length with Zeta ver 2 box, but thinner. Pretty cool design, and of course it has some Plamo “smells” hehe. The box have been damaged a little, damn you delivery!! ^^ ; Now, i open it…


It has about 13 runners in generals, and some metal shaft. The plastics type are ABS (hard and sturdy plastics, usually you can find it at MG inner frame) and PS (Poly-Styrenne, less hard plastics, usually for outer armor parts). One thing that i just realize it is there aren’t any PC parts!!! Like MG Unicorn Ver, Ka, so i dunno if the joints are sturdy enough. Bandai sure is generous this time by inserting some WATER DECALS sheet instead of usual Dry Transfer decals. This is my first time encountering it, but after taking many advices from my fella’s blog, i decided to use it hehe. Now the Manual,,,


Whoaah, so cool! (i think hehe),


This is the back page, color information guide and of course stickers and decals guide,



Those two images above is the half pages of the manual.

Now, this is my first day of working. I’m found something useful regarding panel lining. Maybe you have already know, but i will share it anyway. Do the panel lining with PENS! Not the PERMANENT marker! I’ m mistaken what the Gundam Markers are for. Draw thick line, don;t worry if it too thick. Then wipe it entirely with cloth or even your finger. That will leave a line trace that is thin enough i think, will post pictures later.


too bright and close… sorry… xp


this is Fighter’s nose and cockpit parts, i must say this kit has incredibly details at the surface. But that’s doesn’t mean it has no inner frame, it has! At least this parts have it, according to the manual, Legs and arms parts have inner frame too. Ugh, i will continue my work now, so see you later!