Yeah!!! Finally, my first Plamo of the year! This is Plamo in general, not Gunpla!! After thinking for a long long time, my choice start with MG Wing Zero, and then MG Force Impulse, then MG Strike Noir. Thought about MG Sinanju Ka. Too, but given up so easily because of its price and super-duper difficulty. Eventually, I choose this instead. Check this out!

box vf-25f

This baby made me droll from a long time ago. Yes! It’s VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie. I always like Valkyrie concept ever since from first Macross series (1973?). I never find any Macross model kit before, although there are others beside Bandai’s, like Yamato and Hasegawa. But, it’s not too familiar here, since only Gunpla line which are famous. O~kay, time to work! There will be ton of shit-load panel lines to do in this model T_T . but, the real deal is at the marking and decals section. I haven’t made any ver.Ka Gunpla before, so I think this model has most decals until now, somebody help me!! ^^; . Seems, this kit will at least like Zeta. Won’t have many articulation, cause this model purpose is obviously for full transform I guess. Nevertheless, this kit still a highly-recommended and worth to buy. Will try to post a semi-WISP for this review ^^.

As for G-3 reviews, I just finished it and here’s MG RX-78-3 “G-3” Gundam . hope you’ll like it ^^ I’m so sorry this take very long to finish. Actually I am just made the review in one day. The problem is, I cannot go to Internet Café more often than before due my lack of money and time ^^; Recently, I’m speeding up my saving to buy the VF-25F Plamo, so no money for Internet at previously week. But now, I can go to Café at least once a week again ^^

Now for the grand question ^^. Do you know how to apply the water-transfer decals? Can you share it here for me? I really need it, cause this is the first time I encounter this. And I’m afraid I will ruin it or even tear the decals apart (nooooo… >.<). So , anyone can help me?