This is day two I’ve worked in for this Alto’s. managed to finished two parts in roughly 4 hours without detailing (lining and decaling). This is the arms :



Really, this plain white thing sure is long and slender. Anyone who though that Zeta is slender enough, check the VFs ^^; Have some sophisticated MG arms inner frame mechanical, but without any fancy shoulder armor. The elbow can bend up to 150 degree because of its double jointed system. One thing that’s really disappoint me is the hands/manipulators, it’s didn’t have any articulation, just like any 1/100 and 1/144 gunplas. But, I forgive you this time Bandai! Hehehe. Unlike hands, the shoulder joints is aaawesome! Beating many MG counterparts, it can bend forth and back, up and down.

Next, is the legs :




Again… this I maybe the tallest and most “sexy” mecha legs I ever countered. Even legs from SEED had no chance against this Vf’s (IMO^^). BUT, despite of its sophisticated design, articulation is just puny. Only a par with HG gunplas series. Well, what do you expect from transformable mecha anyway? So, posing in the ground is just pure challenge. Still searching for Bandai Action Base 1 for this VF. Because this mecha is just mean to be in air, not ground ^^;

Aaah, I’m tired, maybe will paneling and decals it tomorrow. See ya