Fyuuh…sorry for the lack of post recently. I’m just very busy in this recent weeks. My last exam is drawing near, my father got sick, and the house is in oblivion ^^;

I have my MG Gundam Mk-II TITANS review to publish too…ugh…maybe can post it at July first week. ^^;

This exam im attending is national university enterance exam which is held every once a year. This is my third chance which is the last chance too. I’m pursuing my dream to becoming doctor. πŸ˜€ Maybe you asking why i so persistent and why i didn’t take another way to colleging. Well…there are indeed another way to enter medicinal school, but it’s way too expensive, too much for my parents. The national exam is much cheaper than it, but the competition is soo tight. But i will do my best on it, so please wish me luck okay? πŸ˜€

See u on July…