Well, it’s been very long time after my last post. Really busy here with everyday campus life hehe. Plus, when i’m at dorm, there’s no time for gunplaying. With the ultimate messy room, crowded friends, crazy task, etc, no way i can build any gunpla here ^^ So, the guy, Exia is still not fully completed because i’m just going home once a week, at weekend. And mostly, i’m doing my task at my home rather than build Gunpla ahahah. So here are my brief review of Master Grade Exia Gundam.

Well, my first impression of this MG is awesome. Plus, there are light gimmick in this model. But yes, i agreed with the negative you guys keep talking like the loose joint and so on. Still, i like the articulation of this model. Really the best kit over all! I don’t know when the joint will loosen, but so far (i left it in box at my house ^^) it still okay. Some poses before i sleep ^^

lights up!!!

Really versatile on ground, it can split so wide with almost no problem (for now^^). But it’s really shame that the conversion kit to Exia Repair is not that simple, just like VF + super/armored packs. Damn Bandai ^^; Okay, maybe that’s all for now, see ya for the full review ^^