This year, after MG Astray Red Frame kai, Bandai really made some suspicious release of some hella kit out ouf our idea…

First, this dark fella…

honestly, i dun really like musha gundam, any of it, including SD Musha, but seeing this made me say “WTF!” design of true villain. lol

Second, this bird-not-like gundam…

mg wing1

mg wing2

mg wing3

Seems the hands are like those in MG V ver Ka, finger swapping that i didn’t really like. What are bandai thinking about you say? This is the sign of the HELL and PHOENIX i say ^^;

Third, this satellite guy…

hg x gundam

finally, bandai out from SEED and OO i thought ^^; It’s time for another century! And fortunately, i smell other stingy release plan from them, they will go DOUBLE this time XD.

The others are HGUC ZZ that i’m waiting for it’s MG ver 2 and HGUC HG God Gundam (Why skip the Shining?). Well, at least i wont surprised if they announce other kits near future. And that’s made me to halt purchasing another kit this year ^^;

So, how do you think of these plan of Bandai this year??

image and news source : NgeeKhiong as always ^^