New weapon of Bandai, they announced it as Real Grade…The first project is none other than the first Gundam, RX-78-2 Gundam. They claimed that this grade is a combine of HG,MG, and PG in 1/144 scale model kit. Here’s some feature of this new grade.


See the above picture? The frame is pre-assembled at the runner, like some older PG i think. The torso-waist articulation is just like newest MG nowadays. I must say i will try to buy this grade, i think ^^; The new inner frame design is called “Advanced MS Joint” and they claimed that it has same articulation as MG but with reduced parts. This is some pics from Bandai’s latest conference.



Well i must say it indeed have some real detail here ^^; can’t wait to the release date at July 2010. So how do you think?

The other news is cool too, i think ^^



Gundam is baackk!! This time it will come with beam saber at Shizuoka and will stand there from July 2010 until January 2011. Below is the miniature version ^^



Any plan to go to Japan again guys? ^^;

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