Not so log ago, we had seen our Goku had this treatment from Bandai

With it’s three variation (normal, super saiyan, and kaioo-form) and with super speed consecutive release ^^

Then, from yesterday Shizuoka Hobby show come Goku friend, Luffy (yeaaah!)

It’s a sign for Zoro Roronoa release in the future (which is my most favourite character from entire anime)! And then again, another fellow with mask came too.

“Now, count up your sins!”

This Kamen Rider W Cyclone-Joker came with some feature, well you can see it from the pictures itself hehe^^ This future release of kit really tempted me. Oh what should i do??

Bandai really going all out in 2010. Other than model kit section, they still have Tamashii nation for their RD release, S.H Figurearts for figurine, and man others. What a monstrous toyfactory lol ^^;

So, what’s your opinion about it?

all news and images from ngeekhiong of course-