I’ve seen it for a while, but everytime i look it, my likeness is going up for an instant!

Really cool with different design from the usual anime and the X version. This Bandai’s Digimon plamo series is called Digimon re-boot, don’t know what it means ^^.For your info, in America, Omegamon translated to Omnimon. Recently my likeness to digimon was awakened again because of the new Digimon series is on air now, called Digimon Xros Wars.

Although it’s not as cool as the first digimon series, but i like the new concept and the GARness of the main protagonist digimon, Shoutmon.

And his most advanced evolution so far, called Shoutmon X4, has very similiar head with Omegamon which i like.

I wonder what digimon get plamo treatment next…