Just as the title said, Happy New Year 2011 !!! Bit late though, haha.

It’s another hollow blog period i have here. Last time posting was October,,really busy here plus i don’t know what to post. I want to try posting everyday life but nothing came to my mind ^^;

Okay, now, in the start of 2011, i have one of many resolution to keep this blog alive. For the start, i want to finish last MG of 2010, the V Gundam ver Ka,, so i will be posting some WIP for now,,

also, there are some new guy here,,my brother bought it. Very interesting kit i’d say ^^

another line from Bandai plastic kit kingdom arrived ^^,,,eager to see this GAR digimon…and the other

what is this?? HINT : its blue, and he is maniac ^^

Next post will be WIP from V Gundam ^^

PS: do you have new year resolution too?