Just start playing this game right now. The long awaited SRW game is come back again with “L” title now. The series involved in this game are:

Evangelion (movie 1&2)
Fight! Iczer One –> debut
Iczer Reborn–> debut
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Gundam SEED
Gundam SEED Destiny
Combattler V
Voltes V
Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu
Kotetsushin Jeeg
Dancougar Nova–>debut
Mazinkaiser vs Great General of Darkness
Godannar Second Season
Macross Frontier–>my most favourite debut !
Linebarrels of Iron–>debut

You see, there is no Getter Robo again this time, and no Gundam UC series again. Really like Macross Frontier and Linebarrel though. The animation is just getting better and better from the previous series. The battle system is like SRW K, using 2 unit squad system. We cannot change the original character properties (name, birthday, etc) and there isn’t something like choosing your favourite series to get extra upgrade bonus in here too ^^; And of course, there aren’t sign of english version of this game yet again. Okay, let’s se what the game have ^^

Do you planning to grab this?