Hi everyone ! Really hard to do blogging regularly. I don’t know why, my idea of blogging was always stuck :p

Okay, starting from now, i will update my blog daily. I will update it like sort of diary book, so it will be my daily event that will be posted here ^^ Of course, i will not forget to post about gundam, game, and anime as usual ^^

Things are worsen now, i mean everything in my college life is becoming more difficult each day. Now, i’m already at 3rd year in medicine school, and now already midterm (time sure goes by soo fast). Midterm will be end by Thursday, with the most biggest boss in the end, the system exam ^^;

Before that, i have bad news, my girlfriend had an accident yesterday. Her car was hit by some unresponsible bike rider FRONTALLY! The bike was using her route when turning in, spontaneously she hit the brake but unfortunately the bike wasn’t and then hit her car in right front. Luckily, my girlfriend is harmless, but not with the raider. He had some fracture in lower limb and ribs. I don’t know the further detail as the case was taken by the local police station. The clear thing is my girlfriend was innocent, moreover, we have witness to prove it. So, i hope the problem will be solved for good. Ganbatte dear ! :3