It’s been a while since i last touched this page ahahaha. About one year if i’m not wrong… And i still don’t know what to write here ^^

Oh well that’s doesn’t matter right?? Well, in this past year, i have buy only two new kit ^^ Still a financial problem i think haha. Since i attending college at August, i can access internet at my dorm freely everyday. But still, i dun have anything to post so frequently ^^; Especially about gundam since i don’t buy model kit so often.

So, for next year resolution, i will try post many many about my daily live here. And i hope you will get more interested with my country, Indonesia ^^ And don’t worry, i will still post some gunpla, anime, game stuff. Okay, have fun read! 😀

how do you think bout this avatar i found at kaskus ^^