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Our friend from childhood ^^

I’ve seen it for a while, but everytime i look it, my likeness is going up for an instant!

Really cool with different design from the usual anime and the X version. This Bandai’s Digimon plamo series is called Digimon re-boot, don’t know what it means ^^.For your info, in America, Omegamon translated to Omnimon. Recently my likeness to digimon was awakened again because of the new Digimon series is on air now, called Digimon Xros Wars.

Although it’s not as cool as the first digimon series, but i like the new concept and the GARness of the main protagonist digimon, Shoutmon.

And his most advanced evolution so far, called Shoutmon X4, has very similiar head with Omegamon which i like.

I wonder what digimon get plamo treatment next…


It’s Long long good…holiday

There will be three-day holiday for me starting tomorrow, hoorayy!! It’s not too long but it’s enough for me to playing something include play with Exia! Maybe i will continue my work with MG Exia. And my next wish…

I really miss Sheryl (May’n) & Ranka (Megumi-chan) song in battle ^^

I wonder when i can watch the movie….plus there will be movie 00 next year. Okayy, see ya later ^^ (image from akiba-station)

Lion/Northern Cross Single

Maybe this is outdated, but well, i’m just got this recently..

lion/northern cross cover

Well, my comment is RRRRAAAAAAAWWRRR :3

Hearing their voices in duet is make my spirit boiling! I don’t know but, i always like if when there is a battle at any film (anime,tokusatsu,etc) there are insert song. Not just instrumental, it must voiced well ^^;. Example, at any Digimon anime or any Kamen Rider series. Well, do you like it too?

Really distant…

5 years have past when i first watched this Anime and listen to this song

I felt that i’m old, though i’m just at my 19th. But really brings back memories back then. Sometimes my tears will drop off when listen to the ending. T_T sob sob.

Really peaceful anime and soundtrack the War in The Pocket OVA is. I’d say this is the best Gundam anime i’ve ever watched. What about you? Do you have any special memories with any Gundam anime? Share with me okay?

And one more thing, do you know where to get this song in internet? I really appreciate if you can share me your song or the link. Thanks before