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Just start playing this game right now. The long awaited SRW game is come back again with “L” title now. The series involved in this game are:

Evangelion (movie 1&2)
Fight! Iczer One –> debut
Iczer Reborn–> debut
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Gundam SEED
Gundam SEED Destiny
Combattler V
Voltes V
Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu
Kotetsushin Jeeg
Dancougar Nova–>debut
Mazinkaiser vs Great General of Darkness
Godannar Second Season
Macross Frontier–>my most favourite debut !
Linebarrels of Iron–>debut

You see, there is no Getter Robo again this time, and no Gundam UC series again. Really like Macross Frontier and Linebarrel though. The animation is just getting better and better from the previous series. The battle system is like SRW K, using 2 unit squad system. We cannot change the original character properties (name, birthday, etc) and there isn’t something like choosing your favourite series to get extra upgrade bonus in here too ^^; And of course, there aren’t sign of english version of this game yet again. Okay, let’s se what the game have ^^

Do you planning to grab this?


DS Robots are back!

Super Robot Taisen K – Nintendo DS

Finally, the second SRW games at NDS! Just got it few days ago and I play it as I arrived at home. This game is the second SRW games that have Bandai Namco Games logo on it. The first is SRW Z for PS2

I will share my opinion on this game here, although I only at stage 10 by the time I post this. Here is the list of series of anime that make its appearance in SRW K:

  • Banpresto original

  • Mazinger Z

  • Dangaioh

  • Godannar

  • Gaiking : The Legend of Daiku-Maryu

  • Virtual-on MARZ

  • Zeeg

  • Gun x Sword

  • Gundam SEED series (Destiny and Stargazer)

  • Zoids Genesis

  • Fafner

  • Overman King Gainer

Well, one thing I noticed, at opening credits, after Banpresto logo, there are list of anime studio that produce the series (like Sunrise, etc). And, I spot this name blablablabla-SEGA-blablabla (sorry, didn’t understand the kanji :p) then, below that is this written Character Designer : Katoki Hajime. Feel familiar? ^^ Hmm…the first time I see it, Unicorn came to my mind. Unfortunately it’s not here ^^;. You see, the only anime produced by SEGA here is only Virtual-on MARZ. Does that mean Katoki design all mecha there??? Well, that I don’t know hehe.

This K doesn’t have any big difference with its predecessor, SRW W. So, if you have already played W, you won’t have any trouble here too. After you choose New Game, you name the protagonist (default is Mist) and his mecha. And then pick three of your favorite series. That will boost all mecha status that came from the series you choose. And increase the upgrade-bar 5 more. Okay, then some dialogue shows up. Lucky if you understand Japanese well, cause I only can read Katakana and Hiragana, few Kanji and few vocabulary ^^;. This K has many similar BGM with W too. So, you will hear many same BGM from W.

Now, for the general gameplay, there is one new system here, I believe it called Partner System. You can place one any unit as a Partner unit (Support) in one any unit too as a Main unit (Offense). It’s similar with Platoon System in SRW Z (PS2), but one group only consists of two units instead of three in Z. That group can unleash its combination attack and switch place between Offense and Support unit anytime. The Support unit can help Attacking or Defending the Main unit if the pilot have Support Attack/Defense skill. The minus is the unit now can’t help attack/defend the adjacent ally anymore. But, can still unleash its combination attack or combine the units. It looks like the BP (Battle Point) System is gone too. Instead, we can upgrade Pilot’s statuses via Skill Parts.

For the graphics, well I can say it’s wonderful! They keep increase the quality here. The animation sequence is even better than before. Example, when unleashing an attack, usually the most powerful one, there will be animation like you watching its actual anime. And there’s more exploding/destroy animation too.

Now, for my opinion about the game. Well, I’m little bit disappointed when know there won’t be Macross F series here. Plus I don’t know most of the series here. I’m bored with Gundam SEED folks, three time I found SEED in SRW games and this is the fourth ^^;. Although Stargazer have cool MS, but I want other Gundam too! Especially Hi-nu or Unicorn maybe hahaha :D. Really hate King Gainer enemies; they are freaking crazy enough at Z. With super small size, hitting them with Super Robot’s attacks is almost impossible without any Spirit Command. Plus each Overman has f****g Overskill that makes hitting them even more impossible even with Full-upgraded units (Only King Gainer itself that can surpass them without Focus or 100% hit Spirit Command). Hrrrhh….but, I’m excited that Zoids finally make its appearance here! Yeah! That cool animal-like mech are ready to fight with freaking Super Robots! Haahahahahah ^^. I already found some GAR-looking Super Robots here like Gaiking, Goddanar and mech from Gun x Sword with weird name: Dann of Thursday. Why? Well, you must find it for yourself or just watch the anime. Hehehe ^^

Well, maybe that’s all I know for now, I will update this post later as soon as I found something new. Oh yeah, do you already playing it? Please share here if you want, okay? See-ya!