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Happy New Year 2012 Minna!

Another year was passed, and we once again move to next year, now is 2012. In general, 2011 was my most improvement year until now. I struggled with many problem at campus this year; academic, some extracurricular activities, money problem, and the most beautiful problem, LOVE :3

Yeah, love, beside beautiful, love can sometime be the most complicated things we humans ever feel. In short, i’ve found one on this year :3 hehe. And that’s the most beautiful memories of the year 😀

As for the blog life, there no such significant work this year. The problem is the busy level of my study plus my laziness, hhe. And for the extra, i’ve only managed to buy 2 gunpla last year, so few to report here ^^; Nevertheless, these are the two gunplas of last year :


The two of them are both uncomplete, mention the markings, weapons, lining, etc. Very lazy indeed haha. I’ll try to finish them after finals in this January, wish me luck fella! ^^

Okay, so what about you? Do you have some unforgettable memories last year? Mind if you sharing it here? 🙂


00 Gundam Complete!

It’s Friday already and I can say I have a good week 🙂 I didn’t have much task this week, although the tutor of my group only came at Monday and was replaced at the rest of the week. This is the last day of tutor case and I hope I can understand the case more thoroughly ^^

Yesterday I managed to continue building 00 Gundam and have its Twin Drive backpack  finished :p

Sorry for the bad quality here, hehe. Well the only remaining left to build are its 7swords weapon. I’m waiting for the arrival of the LED too, so when they are came, I will try the lights up of this kit ^^

Okay see yaa!

Happy Ied Mubarak!

This day is 6 November 2011 in solar calendar and 10 Dzulhijjah in Islamic Lunar Calendar. In this day, we, Muslim people do a sacrifice an animal like sheep, goat, cow, or even camel in the middle east. And in this day too, is the peak moment of Hajj, the pilgrimage in Islam. So, happy Ied to all Muslim in the world ^^

Okay, back to life. It’s been raining hard since last monday, everyday is rain, usually from afternoon to evening. That made tomorrow morning feels like subzero degree ^^; I wonder if i must use my raincoat everyday and then ^^;

This day is also the last day of the short break after midterm 😥 Tomorrow is the new system, the respiratory system. It’s all about our respiration, from organ to function etc. Second most important system in human body. Okay I’ll keep my spirit up! 😀

And some news from gunpla side, today i managed to finish entire body 🙂


Very muscular eh? Yeah I like the proportion of this MG 🙂 Seems i can’t continue to build in this week since there are many agenda afterschool 😦 Okay see ya at next post!


Midterm is over, the last day was so tough. I have really hard time answering 200 question without any break. Well wish me luck, please ^^

Now, i have time to build the buddy from yesterday 🙂 Couple of hours and i already done with head and body, pure snapfitting though ^^

Maybe will post one WIP or two in the future 😀

Tomorrow, last boss!

Err, since its still midterm, maybe we better call it sub boss rather than last boss ^^ We still have finals 2 months from now.
Ookay, exam about ethics already done and just as i thought, i often use my heart to answer the question haha.
Tomorrow is the most difficult exam in this midterm, about Cardiovascular sytem. Okay than, wish me luck :p
Oh yeah, before i forget, this is the new buddy i talked about earlier

See you after tomorrow exam over 😀

Hectic hectic days!

WOoooo,,,my head is gonna blow!! Heellpp!! ^^;

Sorry for the delayed MG V WIP. Really hectic here, with finale drawing near plus lesson is not over yet, i must prepared to fight it. So maybe a few more day to post the second WIP. Pray for me ^^

Well, managed to finish one core fighter unit in three hours!! Well, i said one because they gave us two core fighter, one V Gundam type and one V Hexa type. Why it take so much time because it’s very smalll, yes SMALL! (the parts). It’s like HG with many parts, maybe it’s like a RG now ^^;

for a Core Fighter, this is big. That’s logical because it counts half of the V gundam trunk, plus the head also. Funny when i watched first episode of V Gundam, Uso didn’t notice it was a Gundam Core Fighter, the V fin looks obvious though ^^.

Another thing that came to my mind : Why Bandai made the landing gear as clear parts?? Why not just a solid black piece? Still mysteries >;). Next post will be another WIP or just a blabbering of mine…



It seems they have made things so fast now ^^

yeahhhh Duo, your gundam finally make appearance in MG form!

Some feature of this kit

New type of XXX-G Frame derived from Wing Gundam to be used, which will eventually be shared by the 4 non-transformable Gundam Wing MSs – Gundam Deathscythe, Shenlong Gundam, Gundam Heavyarms and Gundam Sandrock.
Part-swapping for the hand just like Wing Gundam it seems.
– Snap mechanism incorporated for the hand unit to hold the weapon firmly.
– Beam effect part included for the claw deployment of the Buster Shield.
– Beam scythe can be mounted onto the backpack.
– Weapons and accessories: beam scythe, Buster Shield, beam part for Buster Shield.
– 15 runners in total. Comes with marking seal and Gundam Decal (designed by Hajime Katoki-sensei).
– September release, 3,990 Yen (inclusive of tax).

-from ngeekhiong of course ^^-

well, can’t wait to see “ver2” gundam frow Wing, Zero, Hell, Altron, Kai woo hoooo!

For Real?? Yeaahhh!


New weapon of Bandai, they announced it as Real Grade…The first project is none other than the first Gundam, RX-78-2 Gundam. They claimed that this grade is a combine of HG,MG, and PG in 1/144 scale model kit. Here’s some feature of this new grade.


See the above picture? The frame is pre-assembled at the runner, like some older PG i think. The torso-waist articulation is just like newest MG nowadays. I must say i will try to buy this grade, i think ^^; The new inner frame design is called “Advanced MS Joint” and they claimed that it has same articulation as MG but with reduced parts. This is some pics from Bandai’s latest conference.



Well i must say it indeed have some real detail here ^^; can’t wait to the release date at July 2010. So how do you think?

The other news is cool too, i think ^^



Gundam is baackk!! This time it will come with beam saber at Shizuoka and will stand there from July 2010 until January 2011. Below is the miniature version ^^



Any plan to go to Japan again guys? ^^;

All news is hijacked from ngeekhiong XD

OMG! Bandai’s goin berserk!

This year, after MG Astray Red Frame kai, Bandai really made some suspicious release of some hella kit out ouf our idea…

First, this dark fella…

honestly, i dun really like musha gundam, any of it, including SD Musha, but seeing this made me say “WTF!” design of true villain. lol

Second, this bird-not-like gundam…

mg wing1

mg wing2

mg wing3

Seems the hands are like those in MG V ver Ka, finger swapping that i didn’t really like. What are bandai thinking about you say? This is the sign of the HELL and PHOENIX i say ^^;

Third, this satellite guy…

hg x gundam

finally, bandai out from SEED and OO i thought ^^; It’s time for another century! And fortunately, i smell other stingy release plan from them, they will go DOUBLE this time XD.

The others are HGUC ZZ that i’m waiting for it’s MG ver 2 and HGUC HG God Gundam (Why skip the Shining?). Well, at least i wont surprised if they announce other kits near future. And that’s made me to halt purchasing another kit this year ^^;

So, how do you think of these plan of Bandai this year??

image and news source : NgeeKhiong as always ^^