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Yeah!! New Power!

Hehe, this buddy come last week. I assembled it as it came to my home fastly. Yes, this is Bandai Action Base 1 Clear! Hmm, maybe this is not to special hehe, but for me, all of my plamo at my house can fly now ^^

here is some photos with VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom :









really cool i think, glad i didn’t buy the S.M.S version cause there are not much gimmick as the usual Base 1. Really want to buy super pack but no money to spend T_T..

And about the review, it already finished here.

I’m sorry if it too messed up ^^; Okayy, see you next post!


The Battle is over……..

FINALLY! After long bloodbath, I have done my decals application. Here’s some shoots:






I’d say it’s not bad, but not good either. As you can see, many “battle damage” here, some decals are rubbed off, torn apart or have “bubble”. I tried to painting the canopy with a mere Tamiya Clear Blue. It supposed to be in light clear purple color. I also painted the eye camera-goggle with Tamiya Clear Green. These are my first experience with hand brushing method. Still green, hehe, so the result are just so so or even bad ^^; what do you think?

vfighter-canopy vf-25f-altos-head

Here some tips I found during this weary battle:

  • If you want to apply the water decals, beware of its EDGE. Unlike the dry transfer, and I found it strange, the waterslides have excess edge and can be eyesore if you didn’t apply it right. So, do either cut the decals until its very edge or just use the Marking Seal (clear stickers). Surprisingly, they are (the clear stickers) not having any edges! Only the little details like the round mark have it and that’s not a big deal. The reason I hate these edges is you know, the red-black stripes at main fuselage. They are supposed to be conceal the seam lines, but with that excessive edges are preventing it to “combining” each others. For better explanation, see this comparison. ban955525_3 vfighterc10

left image is taken from

  • My suggestion is to apply the decals after final assembly. My palms are always sweaty when it comes to this or when I got nervous. So, that’s very destructive to the decals ^^; Unless you using Mr. Mark Setter or Top Coat to protect the decals, do it like I said above when in BATTROID mode. Yes, it’s harder to apply it when the model is standing, but when in this mode, the gaps between parts are wide enough. So, the decals won’t be “sticking” to each others.

  • Most of the decals won’t be rubbed off during transformation, but beware the decals at wings (the black and grey stripe one). Since, the wings can slide, It’s possible to rub the decals when you slide it (it happened to me T_T)

  • Nub removing is also important. If the parts are cleaned from nubs, the seam lines will looked like a panel lines and it’s great IMO. Okay, maybe that’s all.

And listen, I really made many mistake when applying decals. I realize that the edges can be cut after applying half of the decals. But, even after I realize it and start to cut the edges, they still rub off and broken during the transformation. This is because I didn’t use the Mr. Mark Setter and not pressed the decals hard enough so they didn’t “melt” perfectly and still have “bubble” in it (Thanks to Z for the info). And one think, KEEP AWAY your models from CHILDREN! They tend to touch it when they see it and tempted to play with it (sigh….) So, better to hide your kits when any children is at your house ^^;

Now’s for complaining section ^^;

I should say this kit is my dream comes true. I really want a Macross kit for a long time ago and Bandai did marvelous job this time ^^. The proportions are 99% when in Fighter and GERWALK mode, unless you counted the landing gears, they are illogical IMO. Too high and how come when the gears are 5 cm and the nose is just 4 cm? But nevertheless, it is almost perfect. Batrroid proportion is 90% I’d say. I don’t know why, but the animated series and this plamo has little different. Despite that, arms and legs articulation are just in par with average MG models.

I’d like Bandai to add more locking mechanism to stabilize every mode. They do great job with Zeta ver.2.0 but why didn’t do it to this VF? Or, they can be revolutionary by providing die cast metals for joints or even magnets at nose and the base of neck. With magnet, it will even more stable when on Battroid mode. Therefore, when in fighter mode, the legs are just relying at the waist joints. I’m afraid when the joints weaken they just drop off easily. And they should add locking too for the nose and wings. If the canopy has its own joint, I must be awesome. GERWALK mode is just unstable; I’m having hard time by just adjusting the legs, when the Battroid is just fine as it is. The hands, I’m will be very happy if they like MG hands.

But, despite those issues above, I still can’t do it perfectly. I haven’t used this sophisticated mechanism that Bandai provided to its full extent yet. I hope my skill growing time to time so someday I can build the model like you all, the model which is clean from nubs, perfect decals/stickers-placing, or maybe some paint to make the kit even more beautiful ^^

Again, nevertheless, this kit is great in term of design and mechanism. But if you prefer colored VF, I suggest you to buy the other variant like Ozma’s, Michel’s, or Luca’s unit. Especially Luca’s, they comes with THREE Ghost unit! Or buy the Super Messiah one. Okay, for now that’s all. Won’t be placing it at review pages yet until I get my Action Base 1 / SMS version. Instead I will place this review:


This is the third gunpla I ever have. I bought it after my long absence after built MG G-3 Gundam. The gap is almost 3 years. SEED was rocking back then and I’m going crazy with Strike and friends. Okay, that’s for now, thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, do HLJ sell decals for each kits too? I mean spare decals for specifics kit. If no, do you know where to get it? Feel free to answer okay? ^^ Thanks again!

1/72 scale VF-25F WIP part 3 –finished model-

(Sighing) Hello, maybe you just wonder “What? Finished already??” but yes, it has already finished. And actually, I finished it last week, but can’t post it immediately. Yesterday (last week) I planned to do panel lining and decals for arms and legs parts. So I test my second waterslide, I choose most side of the sheet. It is decals for hexagonal parts at battroid shoulders. So, without hesitating, I cut off the decals and dip it to the water and slide it to the parts like before. After almost an hour adjusting decals, finally it’s done (just the hexagonal parts). But then something bad happened when I tried to place the arms to main body. Obviously, I must touch most surface, right? Including the parts that already been decaled, the hexagonal parts at shoulders. And then… it got torn apart (the right shoulder)… sob, and even worse, decal at right shoulder is peeled off. So I’m tried to fix it by unsnapping the hex parts, but the peg got broke!!! Arrrgh…. I was so frustrated, immediately, fix the decal and glued the parts to the shoulder.

Frustrated by that, I decided to skip detailing parts until I regained my courage again ^^; So, I keep building until it’s done and here are the pictures of finished model:





First thought from my mind are “Awesome!!!” Yes, it’s really impressive model. The reason that I really like Macross is this mecha (VF in general) in Fighter mode. I’m always like the design of a Fighter jet since I’m still child, whether in real world or in anime/game. Although I have MG Zeta before this, the Waverider is nowhere as great as VF’s Fighter mode (in terms of design). Must be looked GAR when all decals are applied ^^ and placed on a base. Moreover, this is the best Fighter design I ever see, really! Battroid is here:





Again, first thoughts are “Cool!” and “Tall!” obviously, this is 1/72 scale plamo. So, if you compared it with most of 1/100 models, it will easily beat them all. Although cool, it easily beaten by Gundams I’d think, again in terms of design and POSEABILITY. Don’t expect much for pose from this model, although the shoulders and arms have sophisticated joints, and the legs have some gimmick too (knee can bend nicely), the waist is just puny. Only have little articulation. And you know main reason why I buy this kit is not the Battroid mode, but the Fighter mode. For me the other modes are just bonus, because I prefer Gundams over VF battroids. But, maybe it can take some good pose in mid air too, so I will surely buy an Action Base 1 this time! And once more, this is the best design over other previous VFs. Ah, I hope they will be make next sequel of Macross soon, I’m just can’t wait to see how they will develop this mecha.

Maybe you’re wondering, where the GERWALK mode. I’m afraid to ruin any decal and joints so, I’m won’t be transforming it for a while. And I decided to apply all the water decals after I get the supporting tools like a can of Mr. Mark setter or Top coat. Will paint the clear parts too, so that’s mean I need a can of Tamiya Clear Green and Clear Blue too. Need more money this time, hehe. I will make this model looked great this time, so won’t be placing it in reviews page yet.

Okay, so see you again for next progress of VF-25F. ^^

This is day two I’ve worked in for this Alto’s. managed to finished two parts in roughly 4 hours without detailing (lining and decaling). This is the arms :



Really, this plain white thing sure is long and slender. Anyone who though that Zeta is slender enough, check the VFs ^^; Have some sophisticated MG arms inner frame mechanical, but without any fancy shoulder armor. The elbow can bend up to 150 degree because of its double jointed system. One thing that’s really disappoint me is the hands/manipulators, it’s didn’t have any articulation, just like any 1/100 and 1/144 gunplas. But, I forgive you this time Bandai! Hehehe. Unlike hands, the shoulder joints is aaawesome! Beating many MG counterparts, it can bend forth and back, up and down.

Next, is the legs :




Again… this I maybe the tallest and most “sexy” mecha legs I ever countered. Even legs from SEED had no chance against this Vf’s (IMO^^). BUT, despite of its sophisticated design, articulation is just puny. Only a par with HG gunplas series. Well, what do you expect from transformable mecha anyway? So, posing in the ground is just pure challenge. Still searching for Bandai Action Base 1 for this VF. Because this mecha is just mean to be in air, not ground ^^;

Aaah, I’m tired, maybe will paneling and decals it tomorrow. See ya