i am new to this blog thing..
I am interested to make a blog after i browse for many blogs and find that it’s actually interesting,
so i decided to make one,and i hope you can help me where and how i can start with,

oh yeah this blog will mainly about gundam model kits, i want to share my idea to everyone who interested, though i still a newbie as a modeller ^^
but i will post about game and anime too, and of course about my life ^^

And one thing, i don’t have internet connection at home and connections at local Cyber Cafe is not too satisfying sadly T_T, so i will be slow at posting……But i will try to post sumthin’ every weeks, at least once a week ^^;

Ookay that’s a glimpse about me.
Thank you and looking forward to your help.
Douzou yoroshiku onegaishimasu!