Review : Scale 1/144 HG (Fighting Action) Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom

ガンダム デスサイズ ヘル カスタム


This time, I came out with this idea, hope do you like it. It’s about the model story at its show. So let’s begin….

As far that I know, this gundam takes it appearance in OVA Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing Endless Waltz and several gundam game includes Super Robot Taisen Series. Its design supposed to be like Gundam Deathscythe Hell as seen in the TV series. But, have been redesigned by Katoki Hajime and staff for the reason that I don’t know ^^;. The Beam Scissors is redesigned to only have one beam instead of two beam. The other weapon, I dunno the name, was removed. And the most cool thing in the new design is the bat wing like-Active Cloak I think ^^. It has rare MS ability, the Hyper Jammer System, to conceal itself from enemy radar. The system later re-used (?) but has different name in Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED’s Blitz Gundam. Here is some stats of Deathscythe HC as seen on the box :

  • Model Number : XXXG-01D2

  • Pilot : Duo Maxwell

  • Height : 16.3 m

  • Weight : 7.4 t

  • Material : Gundanium Alloy

  • Generator Out Put : 3003 KW

  • Thruster General Out Put : 75380 kg

  • Armaments : Vulcan x2, Beam Scissor x1, Hyper Jammer x2, Active Cloak


Well, this is the FIRST gunpla I’ve ever made. I remember bought it when I still a grade school student. I was crazy for this gundam because of it appearances at Super Robot Taisen @ Gaiden game (PSX). The line I most remember that the pilot, Duo Maxwell, said during the battle was “Saa te. Ikkuyoukimashika?” (Sorry if I’m wrong ^^), means : “Okay, shall we go?”. Back then I still don’t know about gundams, macross, mazinger, or other type of robot. All I know is all robots are same ^^; . And this is my first gundam show I ever watched too (Endless Waltz). And then, someday, when I pay a visit to my cousins house (he is who introduced gundams to me), I saw very awesome toys at his room. Yes, the GUNDAM! Soon, I absolutely want it and escorted by my cousin, I go to the shop. After I enter the shop, I felt like I was in Heaven, Toy-Heaven exactly ^^. It doesn’t even last for minutes when I felt sick….because of the price (Uhukk!!). Yes, the MG and 1/100 HG Gundam Wing, at that time, was the newest and coolest model kit (of course the most expensive too, and not counted the PG cause I dunno what box is it at that time ^^;). Sooo, I saving money for a while and buy the moderate-priced gunpla, this 1/144 HG Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom.


Death box

Death box 1


At that time, I was surprised by how many the runner frames it has. It only has three main runners and one PC runner. Nowadays it easily beaten with any SD model kits ^^; . I don’t clearly remember, how I assembled it. The thing I remembered is I still use my bare-hands and sometimes a scissors to cut the parts from the runners. I think I was accompanied by my cousins too and always looking at the manual so it wasn’t hard for a first-time modeler like me (I was ninth that time). Oh yeah, the “Fighting Action” label IS has a meaning. The HG Gundam Wing Endless Waltz series come with two bodies. The purpose is for doing its signature pose at it’s BOX-art and something else. Okay that’s it I think for assembly part. Hehe, sorry, I didn’t remember all because I still a child back then.

Death bodies


I am always a big fan of Gundam Wing series because the reasons I mentioned before. I even like Deathscythe more than Wing itself. It applies at the model too. While the height indeed is small compared with other HG esp HGUC series, the total width (Active-cloak full spread) maybe one of the widest HG (don’t count HG SEED that’s come with effect part). WOW, it does indeed resemble the God of Death itself ^^. I talked about design here, not the mechanics and detail ^^ . It enough to intimidate your enemies while just standing in the darkness, only reveal the light that comes from the eyes and cameras ^^; . Or hold the activated large-Beam Scissors and just place it somewhere in the darkness. Overall, Katoki-san team just did the great job!

For the posing, I dunno if it’s just me or… well, it’s look awkward. I think it’s better left standing than do some poses. I think it’s maybe because, at that time (it was released at 1998), for a HG 1/144, the detailing is not advanced as they are now. The legs can’t split too wide, and barely can stand “flat”. But of course it still can do some poses. The model itself is provided with different-asymmetrical body for better poses. It can do pose like at the BOX-art easily. And if you want it exactly like at the manual, you INDEED want to paint it ^^; . It looked plain without paint. Although you can apply the foil stickers for the eyes, chin, red-parts at breast, and shield-like forearm for little details. I try to apply panel lines recently, but it turns to be messed up ^^; (look at the head!). It has three pairs of hands, one open-hands, one closed-fists, and one open-fists. Well it’s better than nothing I think ^_^.

I can’t compare it to the 1/100 version because I don’t have it. Maybe if I have much much money, I will buy all Gunplas including the older ones ^o^. After almost ten years this model is covered in dust ^^. I rarely to play with gunplay like posing it over and over or playing it like kids. And since my family’s house often move within this past years and finally has a home 5 years ago, most of my gunplas (only three back then ^^) are remained safe at their boxes. So the joint’s still fine for me except the white part at right shoulder armor, it’s became very loose. Otherwise, the joints are ,if not snug, just fine to me. It still can stand without any trouble even if the wings are wide-spread opened.


(click to enlarge)

Death 1
Death 2

death 4

Death 5

Death 6

Death 7

Death 8

Death 9

Death 10

Death 11

Death 12

Death 13

Death 15

Death 16


Well….ermm….what do I put it? It is an old kit, so unless you want it to complete your collection or just love it’s design, I didn’t recommend you to get this guy. I will recommend you to get the newer version of 1/100 HG Gundam Wing Endless Waltz movie version, I think it was released in 1999-2000. Mine is the OVA version released in 1998. But it’s all up to you ^^

Still need to train my photography skill, @_@. The images just blurring, too dark, too bright, argh…..hehe, sorry for that. And still can’t find best spot to take those image yet @_@.

As always, feel free to comments and gives critics or anything you want for improve my blog okay?