Well, since I only have watched Zeta Gundam: A New Translation Trilogy movie, maybe my information not too accurate hehe. This Gundam has ‘RX’ name on it, RX-178, like its predecessor the first Gundam, RX-79. And if you’re wondering, Mk. stands for ‘Mark’, hence ‘Gundam Mark Two’.

Developed by new faction, TITANS, which is an elite soldiers group formed by Earth Federation and Zeon remnants, there are three MS that operated. It has new technology called Moveable Frame, so it can move even without its outer armor attached. Weapons included: Beam Rifle, Hyper Bazooka, Beam Saber 2X, Shield, Energy Pack 2X, and a Bazooka Cartridge.

Two suits were successfully stolen by Camille, Quattro, and his subordinates during Quattro’s mission to spying this Gundam at Green Noah colony. Camille hatred towards TITANS made him crazy enough to hijack one of the Gundam. Seeing it as a great opportunity, Quattro and his mates help Camille escape the Colony along with the Gundams, unit 3 piloted by Camille while the other (unit 1) is taken by force.

After safely arrived at A.E.U.G. battle ship, Argama, they had the Gundam re-colored to A.E.U.G. white and blue scheme. It was piloted by Camille until half of the story before he changed to Zeta Gundam. The pilot then changed to Emma Sheen, a former TITANS soldier who has changed side to A.E.U.G. because she hated the way TITANS works. It can be combined with G-Defenser for more mobility and fire power in space.

The Movable Frame concept actually taken by Camille for Zeta Gundam because of some problems that Zeta has before applying the concept. Near the end of series, Gundam Mk-II was destroyed along with Emma’s tragic death.


This is the BEST articulated Gunpla I ever have. Maybe it’s because I don’t have Gundam ver.2.0 or Sinanju yet but, I still happy with it. I bought it about two years ago when I still in high school 3rd grade. And that’s about two years too after my last Gunpla the NG Aile Strike Gundam. My spirit awoke when I visited my friend house and found that he is a Gunota too. I remember amazed by his MG F91 Gundam flying at its custom base. After I look it carefully, there are differences between F91 and my G-3 at home. Especially the manipulator, you know, F91 is 2006 production if I’m not wrong. So it already has new hands. So, short story, I had money from my saving and didn’t know what to buy back then and decided to buy a MG.

After spying at my usual store, there are two ‘candidates’ that I spotted. There are: MG Crossbone ver.Ka and MG RX-178 Gundam Mk-II ver.2.0 TITANS. Why I didn’t choose the A.E.U.G one? Well, lame reason, but it’s because it is more expensive than TITANS one ^^;. My budget only enough to buy under IDR 400.000 (about 4000 yen/ 40 USD) that time and I’m already losing patience xp. Finally I choose TITANS over Crossbone because of ‘Ver.2.0’ mark ^^; Moreover, after looking over and over at the boxes, I’m surer that It was right choice.


mkII box1

Great CG covers IMHO! I’m really like it most. If before, when I reviewed Strike I said that its box is thick then Mk-II box is just thicker than any Gunpla that I ever built. And I’m just falling for this Gunpla by these pictures at box’s side:

mkII box2_resize

mkII box3_resize

mkII box4_resize

mkII box5_resize

mkII manual1_resize

mkII manual2_resize

See, don’t you think that knees, arms, feet and fingers bending just so cool? The chrome silver piston and mesh pipes at feet just made me more love this kit. ^^; These sophisticated articulation is the first I know after my long absence at Gunplaying, really. I’m still noob at MG line back then. And decided not to see MG box that has crazier price than this ^^;

This kit has more runner than my previous Gunpla, about runners in total, one sheet of foil stickers, one sheet of clear stickers, and one sheet dry transfer decals.


Nothing went hard when I assembled it. It just came with new things that I’m never found it before like Mesh Pipe, more clear parts, new manipulators, and sophisticated joints. I’m applying decals, stickers, and panel lines for the first time with this kit too. I’m never applied any stickers and other detailing with my previous kit, so I’m applying it to my previous kit after I finished detailing Mk-II ^^; The decals turn out to be great I think, Especially the big number at shoulder and TITANS logo at the shield. Doesn’t have trouble too when applying it except the decal that supposed to be beside the right body vent. It got torn apart because I’m not rubbing it hard enough ^^;

The real pain is applying the clear stickers, which time is my first time too. I still used my bare fingers, so many stickers that have my fingerprints on it ^^; and the edge is obviously visible. Panel lining is not too necessary I think because the armor color is already dark and there only few lines to draw. The most noticeable one is the ‘mouth’ lines at face. 😀

Well, beside of that points that I mentioned, this model is sure easy to assembly even for a beginner like me. 😀


mkII_resize mkII 2_resize

mkII 3_resize mkII 4_resize

mkII 5_resize mk-II 20_resize

I’d say this model is awesome! You can see variation poses from the manual and the box and can be easily applied to the kit itself. I dunno but ground poses is more recommended than aerial poses. Maybe it’s because the lacks of big backpack? I’m found that this kit is great from just standing. XD Many others found that this Gundam is just FAT. And that’s true, although the articulation is great; there are parts that hinder the movement like side skirts, shoulders, and ankle armor. But I’m considering it has ‘muscle’, not fat. Hehehe. 😀

But there are some problems too. The side skirts are hindering the legs, so it can’t split too wide. The ankle armor is just sooo big that hinders the movement of feet. That really a shame but I’m always amazed by the silver pipes at feet, at first I thought it is real metal. Xp


mkII 8_resize mkII 9_resize

mkII 10_resize

mkII 11_resize mkII 13_resize

mkII 14_resize mkII 15_resize

mkII 16_resize mkII 18_resize

What do you think is better? Pose at grounds or mid-air? 😀


I’m really happy with this model despite of the minus parts that I mentioned earlier. The price is just friendly for a ver.2.0 MG, its 3800 yen. It has great articulation; cool, if not great as Gundam Ver.2.0 and the other newer MG. I very like when the knees and elbow can bend for almost 1800. Sliding mechanism is just so cool. I mean it! I wish they released Super Gundam Ver.2.0 or Hyaku Shiki Ver.2.0 too. I’d like to complete Zeta MG series since I already have Zeta and Mk-II. You should buy this Gunpla if your budget is not too big, but wanted a great articulated Gundam. That my suggestion IMHO. Well, maybe that’s all for now, see you at my next review. Thank you for reading. 😀