RX-78-3 “G-3” ガンダム


I don’t know much for this Mobile suit story, hehe, sorry. All I know is, this MS appeared at MS Gundam MSV series. Created by Earth Federation, It is a mass-produced version of the original Gundam, the RX-78-2 Gundam (will spell it just “Gundam” next)which is piloted by Amuro Ray. The only differences are at the colors, it’s colored in grey and purple (that’s why I like it, dark ^^) instead of the traditional blue, white, red, and few yellow colors. It has system that the previous Gundam don’t have named Magnet Coating, and maybe that’s the reason it was colored that way. The function of it is for conceal itself from enemy radar, but still seen by the camera, it seems(sorry if I’m wrong ^^;). The weapons are just same with Gundam, Beam Rifle, Shield, 2 Beam Saber, and Hyper Bazooka. The Gundam Hammer seems to be removed. Okay, I’m still dunno who is the pilot and the rest. I will update it later ^^.


This is the second Gunpla that I build. And First MG that ever I build. Got it as a present from my cousin who is working abroad at US just about 9 years ago. Not too long after HG Deathscythe. When he is back home, he forgot to bring us (me and my brother) some merchandise from US. Instead, he promised to bought us something here. And so, I’ve casted my spell, hehe, to go to the hobbies store. We found that there are clearance sale that day. Unfortunately, there are only few Gunpla that have discount, including this MG G-3 and other grunts like Zakus. But my cousin keep suggesting to look the clearance items (maybe because the new Gunplas are too expensive to be a “merchandise” ^^; ). So, I pick up the Gundam one, as it is the only gundam there. But I still happy anyways, haha.




Well, not much to say this time too. I forgot what it looked like back then, when I opened the box for the first time. But indeed I exited by the number of the runners this gunpla had. That was first time I see a MG too ^^;. It had more and more runners than the previous model I build, HG Deathscythe. And the manual are printed like a book, I think it looked expensive ^^ compared to HG’s manuals. But I’m managed to finish this model fast despite that was my first time building a MG, thanks to the detailed manual. Of course, I’m only straight build it, many nubs marks, didn’t apply the foil, clear stickers, panel lines, and decals. So it just plain model at that time. I only applying the stickers etc. just recently last year (first time to see the clear stickers and decals too, so I don’t know how to apply that with my current skill that time). And one thing which I just noticed it recently is this model came with MG (mostly only the first released MG –year 1996- have this) signature detailing parts, the Heavy User Parts.

It provides the modelers who is skilled enough to make their model more detailed and real. I still cannot attach them at my model, it required glue, I am afraid to ruined my model ^^; So, I just put it in the box. Okay, next is the finished model.









This is the finished model, I think it was awesome Gunpla back then. It has more detailed parts, more articulation, and it’s bigger than my previous model I build. I was so satisfied with this model regardless my lack of skill, hehe. As you can see, some of the part can be opened to reveal its semi-inner skeleton. The head (main camera parts), can be attached or detached to reveal the inner part of it as you can see on the picture. The arms, and legs too have same feature. We are given two Core Fighters to be assembled. One is the actual Core Fighter, the other is in its Core-block mode. They can be attached to the main body, while the Core Fighter need to transformed to Core-block mode first.





The Back-pack can be opened to see its inner-details too. Now’s the weapon. It came with a Beam Rifle, Beam Sabers, Hyper Bazooka, and a Shield. Beam rifle is pretty standard equipment of Gundam, so you should be familiar with it. You can attached it to hands or just mounted it at the Side Skirt. Beam sabers are attached to back-pack. I like its design, looked marvelous, and the handles are big, even compared to Zeta’s beam saber. The Hyper Bazooka, hmm…as you can see, the handle can’t be slid like recent version of Gundam (ver.Ka, ver.OYW, ver.2), so it’s a bit trickier to use. It’s difficult to do a firing pose with bazooka, but it’s not impossible. It can be mounted too, at the rear skirt. I like the shield of this gunpla. It’s thick and looks like a REAL shield. Not like the thin-shields of Mk.II, or even from SEED series. I hoped it was came with Gundam Hammer, but It’s not. So I’m little disappointed here ^^. Posing is another problem, because it easily beaten even with its HGUC ver. It’s not a big deal for me BACK THEN. But now, it IS. ^^; Okay, as usual, time for the poses.





That’s it, i can’t think any pose again hehehe. Due to the limited articulation, but maybe some time later, i will post again.


Well, same with my previous review. I’m made this review just for share my model, not to suggest you to buy it, it’s an old model after all ^^; But still this first generation Master Grade series was a huge leap of Bandai. And most likely being highly anticipated by modelers back then. While articulation still below NG quality nowadays, this Gunpla has a historic-value of itself (hehe I dunno what I talking about ^^;). So, if you’re true Gundam freak, and happened to collecting models, you should have this. Otherwise, I highly recommend you to buy the newest version, like Gundam ver.OYW and ver. 2.0. well then, that’s the end of my review.