Here is my first review of my gunpla : 1/100 scale MG Zeta Gundam Ver.2.0


I bought this model just recently,this October,after i asked for advice from anyone at blogs.

That time (now too), with my budget, i can only afford to buy one for next 12 month! >_<

So, i have to thought to buy “optimum” gunpla. I wanted a MG that comes with a stand, has ver 2.0 hands (hands with a peg for weapon grip, MG release from since SEED have it), and cool one. At first i want to but Wing Zero and Unicorn. Wing comes with a stand, but has old hands and some minor problem others complained although not all. Unicorn is COOL!! The design is awesome and with that transformable to NT-D mode….it’s a must have!! But it doesn’t come with a base and without any decals and stickers it is sooooo plain yet i’m afraid my skill with paint and decals is just so so, i afraid i will messed it up ^^;

And then from nowhere, this guy just poped up, “Hey, why not try MG Zeta ver.2.0? It can transformed to waverider and came with a base!”. I think,oh yeah, why not?

So, i checked the blogs and found awesome detailing at Z’s blog (thanks Z ^^). Finnaly, i bought it and received it one week after i ordered online. I’m quite impatience at this gunpla-bild thing because i rarely buy this. This is the second year i buy gunpla after i vacuum for a while becasue it’s too destructive to my wallet for a toy/hobby and i don’t have friend to share same hobby, they just keep saying that it’s too expensive for a mere toy robot, or “it’s for kids ya know!”. okayy enough for this, now is the time….


I quickly open the box and shocked. Wow…it has many many runners. I only have build two MGs before and they didn’t have many runners as this. As foe the manual, it has 20+ pages consist of assembly pages and transform guide pages. And one thing that cacth my eyes, the base, it’s like the base of aile strike. It’s like the catapult launcher of Argama as it stated in the box ^^. It has bunch of foil stickers too though i don’t like it. It’s too small and i tend to lose it T_T. Comes with clear stickers and decals for more detailing. They are written “DANGER! Beware of blast!”,sounds weird but,oh well all MG has it, right?

I managed to finish straight-build it (without decals and stickers, and still has loads of nubs) within 2 days. And here is general summary of this gunpla…

I think if you have ever build a MG before, it is not to difficult to build, though it’s not too easy too. But one thing in note : BE GENTLE when assembly it and BE SURE to checked out the manual otherwise you’d ended up breaking something or forgot to attach some parts. ^^;

But if you as lazy as me, you will end up finishing it within 2 days or even a day!

OOkay~ now for the parts, the assembly for most parts are easy enough if you looked at the manual sequently, just follow the manual and you’ll be fine. The hardest part in this model i think is the body and wings. You’ll need extra careful when handling both.

The body itself consist of tons of small pieces and you need more effort yet gently to snap it to the others. You’ll hear “click” sounds if you snap it properly, otherwise is not. And you NEED to get rid of that annoying nubs, sprues or whatever, because it will get in the way when you tried to snapping parts and the result will emh… you’ll find it eventually (though mine is not that clean cause i’m too lazy and hastily when build it ^^;).

Now the wings, the design! i didn’t notice it’s structure is so complicated when in the game or anime. It really look great, i don’t have the ver 1.0 so i can’t compare it. Same with the body, it has the “click-ing” parts too, so try to be gentle. Oh well, if you follow the manual properly, you’ll have no problem with it i think ^^.


Well, the first thought that came to my mind when i see it is : “Wow, it’s tall!” Yes, it’s tall and even the Hyper Mega Launcher is longer than the gundam itself. And, everything can slide (almost,though^^)! Start from the neck,legs,tail,wings,cockpit,and even the weapons include, beam rifle,HLM,shield and two pack of grenades that can be placed on arm, it slides! As for the poses, well, you don’t want to pose it on ground because it’s hard. Not impossible, though. It’s just look a bit awkward because the legs are not designed for extreme splitted-posing. It will end up lean forward or backward due to the weight. As for the mid air poses, it’s far more better than on the ground. It can do some cool poses and you can adjust the elevation of the base too, for wider range of poses.

The joints are soooo sturdy and snug too. I think it’s for waverider purpose and will not loosen even you play with it for a while.

For the transform-thing……’s complicated! Yet you’ll find it easy enough if you read the manual. I think Zeta’s transform is only beaten by those Valkyrie from MACROSS. The waverider looks better proportion than the older release, even looks better than PG version, i mean it!

Now’s for the bad part..remember the foil stickers i mentioned before? It’s really disturb me. Especially bunch of tiny yellow stickers. The others are i heard from others who have it, the joints will become loose if you transformed it back and forth. But i don’t know because mine’s still snug even i’ve transformed it twice. As for minor joint’s at the weapons, yes, it will weaken if you slide it too often, but not loosen. Otherwise, mine’s still in good shape ^^.

Okay, that’s end of my review.

Conclusion : It’s worth buying gunpla i think. It has magnificent engineering and can transform. Oh yeah, it has the hyper beam saber-thing too, it’s rare right? Well if you like gunpla based on it’s engineering, BUY it! lol

I’m sorry i can’t make the “Work In Progress” review cause it’s already done and i’m not that experienced enough. But i will practice it when i have new gunpla to build later ^^.

Now’s the time for some poses :

Zeta 02

Zeta 03

Zeta 04

Zeta 05

Zeta 06

Zeta 19

Zeta 20

Zeta 21

Zeta 23

Zeta 22

As for the Wave Rider :

Zeta 07

Zeta 08
Zeta 09

Zeta 11


Zeta 12

Ookay, that’s all, maybe. Have updated the photo a bit. But still lack of good quality, places, and poses ^^; For the next previews, i will post my gunpla chronically. I mean, from my first build and onward. I’m sorry if my preview looks like copying Z’s word on his own preview ^^; This is my first after all ^^. And almost all stuff that Z have said was happened to me too. Hehe, i hope you understand ^^. Feel free to read and comment it, okay? Thanks XD