1/100 scale エール ストライク ガンダム

This is my next review of Non-grade 1/100 scale Aile Strike Gundam. Feel free to read and comment!


This highly anticipated Gundam finally arrive to television series after long absence since the end of Turn A Gundam series in year 2000. And I think Sunrise make great job this time (until SEED Destiny…). Okay, this is the story.

Made by Earth Government secretly, Five MSs code-named GUNDAM (lit: taken from this MS unique Operating System) being transferred to Colony Heliopolis. One of those is GAT-X105 Strike Gundam. While the others are captured by ZAFT, Strike is successfully taken by young Kira Yamato and the captain of Mother ship Archangel. Short story, they are able to use this MS to its full extent. Having Phase Shift Armor, this MS is invulnerable to conventional MS weapon such as machine guns or even a bazooka, but, still vulnerable to Beam Weaponry such as Beam Rifles and Sabers. Three additional packs are made for Strike since the original have no equipment. There are Aile Striker, Sword Striker, and Launcher Striker packs. This kit I have is Strike Gundam with Aile Striker pack, hence Aile Strike Gundam. Having incredible speed and balanced in both offense and defense, and more importantly, can fly in mid-air, this pack is most used by Kira. Beam Rifle is the only long range weapon, and two Beam Sabers mounted in backpack for close-combat. Oh, and the Knife called Armor Schneider mounted in side skirt armor for safe if Phase Shift is run out. Shield that can defense against Beam Weaponry is big advantage too. Plus piloted by ultimate Coordinator-Kira Yamato- this MS is unrivaled to any MS at least for half of the show ^^

Here are some statuses of Aile Strike Gundam:

  • Code name : GAT-X105

  • Height : 17.72 m

  • Weight : 64.8t (normal)

85.1t (with Aile-Striker pack)

  • Armaments : 75mm Vulcan system (Eagle Shootern)

Beam Rifle

2 x Asault Knife (Armor Schneider)

2 x Beam Saber (mounted at Aile-Striker pack)

Anti Beam Shield


Really, this Gunpla made me really Gundam-addicted again back then. That time is sure the era for digital anything (it was year 2003, I was at my 3rd year at Junior High). CDs, colored Cell-phone, Internet, etc. are everywhere. I watched this show at my friend’s that has same interest as me: GUNDAM. And that made my long-sleep Gunpla spirit boiling again. “I must have this no matter what,” said me back then. As I finally given permission to go anywhere after school, I came to Hobby-shop (yes the same hobby shop I mentioned at previous reviews) more often to just spying and drooling over this Gunpla ^^; My first plan was to bought the Sword Strike one. So, I was saving money a lot, but, my unpatience came and when my money was enough to bought the Aile Strike, I’m just bought it without hesitation and not think the Sword Strike again ^^;





When I first saw it, I’m just amazed by how big the box is. It even surpass the MG box I seen so far, MG G-3 box. But, it has fewer runners compared to any MG. Well, not thinking again, I opened the box rashly and built it right away after I reached home ^^;


Like I said before, it has fewer runners than MGs. It has seven runners, one PC runner and one pilot figure runner. But still, the parts colors are somewhat pretty accurate (except pilot figure which is unpainted) plus few foil stickers for more details on eye, camera, and Aile pack wings. With my current experience back then, I didn’t have any trouble with. Finished Strike in one day and the pack + weapons in the next day. Off course still with many nub marks ^^; due to my laziness and the will to see the complete kit. The manual is just like a brochure or flyer from some travel agencies ^^; Okay, here is the finished model with some poses.


Well, for me this Gunpla sure has decent gimmicks that surpass any old MG Gunplas. Shoulders can bend forward and backward, waist can rotate freely, and feet can stand flat even with wide-split legs. Too bad I don’t have any Base to pose it mid-air. This Gundam is supposed to be fight in air, so it shame I can’t pose it until I get an Action Base. The unopened Armor Schneider (knifes…) are stored at side-skirt armor while the actual are provided to be held by arms. Beam sabers are stored at Aile back pack. Oh yeah, the Aile’s thrusters are can rotate well too. Three hands are provided, they are all opened-fist type, one for holding the beam rifle, and other two are for hold others (beam sabers, knifes, and shield). Shield can be placed without the hand holding it via peg to the arms. Okay, time for some shots:








with Aile Striker pack,





Maybe, that’s all for now hehe. Cannot think any more cool pose without an Action Base ^^;


This 1/100 version of Aile Strike has better proportion than the MG version IMO. Not too fat or too slim. Except the absence of articulated hands (fingers, which is HG 1/100 Wing Gundam and Gundam X series has it) I liked this kit very much until generation two SEED Gundam kit arrived (1/100 Freedom and friends). Didn’t much care about other Grades (especially MGs) back then because it just too expensive to me. And finally I really understand Bandai’s dirty-schemes that time ^^; So, after this kit and another one (from SEED too and will review it later), I’m just restraint once more from Gunpla. That is until my next arise at High school time ^^; . And … thanks for reading!