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00 Gundam Complete!

It’s Friday already and I can say I have a good week 🙂 I didn’t have much task this week, although the tutor of my group only came at Monday and was replaced at the rest of the week. This is the last day of tutor case and I hope I can understand the case more thoroughly ^^

Yesterday I managed to continue building 00 Gundam and have its Twin Drive backpack  finished :p

Sorry for the bad quality here, hehe. Well the only remaining left to build are its 7swords weapon. I’m waiting for the arrival of the LED too, so when they are came, I will try the lights up of this kit ^^

Okay see yaa!



Midterm is over, the last day was so tough. I have really hard time answering 200 question without any break. Well wish me luck, please ^^

Now, i have time to build the buddy from yesterday 🙂 Couple of hours and i already done with head and body, pure snapfitting though ^^

Maybe will post one WIP or two in the future 😀

Midterms Day Three! ^^

Well, it’s the third day of midterm. I will have ethical exam this morning at 10 o’clock. Not really a big deal compared the test in next day :p But still, my scores are always so so in this exam. Ethic is most probably about norm, about common sense for me. So, i’m always answer it base on my ‘heart’ says haha.

Okay, got to go, wish me some luck ^^

Oh yeah, next, i will introduce you to my new buddy that just came out from nowhere, hehe 😀

Hello, long time no see :p

Hi everyone ! Really hard to do blogging regularly. I don’t know why, my idea of blogging was always stuck :p

Okay, starting from now, i will update my blog daily. I will update it like sort of diary book, so it will be my daily event that will be posted here ^^ Of course, i will not forget to post about gundam, game, and anime as usual ^^

Things are worsen now, i mean everything in my college life is becoming more difficult each day. Now, i’m already at 3rd year in medicine school, and now already midterm (time sure goes by soo fast). Midterm will be end by Thursday, with the most biggest boss in the end, the system exam ^^;

Before that, i have bad news, my girlfriend had an accident yesterday. Her car was hit by some unresponsible bike rider FRONTALLY! The bike was using her route when turning in, spontaneously she hit the brake but unfortunately the bike wasn’t and then hit her car in right front. Luckily, my girlfriend is harmless, but not with the raider. He had some fracture in lower limb and ribs. I don’t know the further detail as the case was taken by the local police station. The clear thing is my girlfriend was innocent, moreover, we have witness to prove it. So, i hope the problem will be solved for good. Ganbatte dear ! :3

Yeah!! New buddy…

It’s been a while since my last post XD. I was entering my new stage of life as a college student. Really happy because it is like dream come true. But after attended for a few days, really hectic hahahah ^^;. I need to adapt again for busy life since in my previous two years, i live in pleasure, just a few hours of cram school, and the rest,i’m at home. Well, i will keep my spirit, i won’t losing this chance. Yosshh!

Next is, maybe a good news (for me of course,hehe). This buddy finally arrive at home, my brother confirmed it.

exia box

I must wait for Lebaran holiday to build it at home. T_T Okay, that doesn’t matter, yosh!!

Oh yeah, finally, this is  the Mk-II review. Sorry took you sooo long. I hope it will help.  Okay, mata nee! 😀

Wish me luck :D

Fyuuh…sorry for the lack of post recently. I’m just very busy in this recent weeks. My last exam is drawing near, my father got sick, and the house is in oblivion ^^;

I have my MG Gundam Mk-II TITANS review to publish too…ugh…maybe can post it at July first week. ^^;

This exam im attending is national university enterance exam which is held every once a year. This is my third chance which is the last chance too. I’m pursuing my dream to becoming doctor. 😀 Maybe you asking why i so persistent and why i didn’t take another way to colleging. Well…there are indeed another way to enter medicinal school, but it’s way too expensive, too much for my parents. The national exam is much cheaper than it, but the competition is soo tight. But i will do my best on it, so please wish me luck okay? 😀

See u on July…